EIN: Intro to Election Integrity Class

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Are you brand new to election integrity? Or already running a local task force or statewide coalition? Either way, Thursday night’s training session is for you.

For many just starting out as election integrity advocates, the terminology alone can be daunting and there are many questions:

What is a task force and can I really start one?

What’s the difference between a coalition member and a stakeholder?

What is the Citizens Guide, why do I need it and where can I find it?

How do I find more members to join my coalition?

But I thought a coalition was a working group?

A business card? Seriously?

We hope you will join EIN Deputy Director Ned Jones and EIN National Networks Director Kerri Toloczko on April 27, Thursday evening at 7 PM EST for what we affectionately call internally, “the newbie class” or “EI 101.”

We will introduce you to the Election Integrity Network and all our resources, and answer all the questions above and more. If you are already running a local task force or state coalition, we will provide you with more ideas about outreach, growth and impact.

The link to register and to join is below. When you register, your confirmation will include a phone number if you need to call in.

NEW LINKhttps://virginiainstitute-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0uc-Cgqj4vHd32jSJS8Vz1PAzsr09ioS_e#/registration

We hope to “see” you This Thursday at 7 PM EST!


Ned Jones and Kerri Toloczko

Training Directors  Election Integrity Network 

Ned Jones


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