EIN: Working groups week of 5/15/23

Our next meeting is Tuesday, 5/16/23, at 4 PM Eastern. 

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Here’s a link to the updated notes from the 5/2/23 meeting.


Topics for this week’s meeting 

Election Mail Day Symposium


USPS connection to this Left-wing website.


USPS FOIA Request Portal


Attached Sample FOIA request

Let me know if you would like to make a presentation about any information you have learned about the Vote-By-Mail voter verification process in your location/state, or the barcodes used by USPS.

Talk to your local Election Official about any information they have about mailings by The Center for Voter Information/Voter Participation Center. It may require a FOIA/Open Records request.

Keep working on your research about the “Vote-By-Mail” application process in your location and the proper procedure according to your state’s statutes. Hopefully, they are the same. I have attached the VBM/USPS National Working Group First Quarter Plan.

Keep trying to contact your USPS Ambasador (see attached map), and, or, your Local/Regional Coordinator (see attached list). Here are a few possible questions…

Intro: I’m part of a national effort that’s learning as much as we can about the USPS Election/Political Mail System. With the tremendous increase in “Vote-By-Mail”, the USPS has become the largest precinct in our elections and, unlike any other precinct, there is no citizen observation as you process millions of ballots. We believe citizen observation creates transparency and trust, and that’s why we have undertaken this effort. I have a few questions about the USPS Election/Political Mail System.

How do you handle “Undeliverable” Election Mail? Political Mail?

How do you track Election Mail? Political Mail?

The USPS has a program called “Intercept and Redirect” mail. It looks like anyone with a barcode can do this online. How does that work?

What is the Chain Of Custody for Election Mail that is delivered to the voter, that is “Undeliverable” to a voter, that is returned to the Election Office from the voter?

I’d like to take a tour of a USPS facility that handles Vote-By-Mail ballots.

Be sure to report all your findings about the VBM process and USPS contacts on the Report Page on the resources tab on whoscounting.us. We’re using the same report page for the Citizens Research Project and the VBM/USPS reports. 


Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 16 at 6 PM Eastern.

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Meeting Notes – Updated for 4/18/23 Meeting


NEW from our last meeting

Hayden’s article on the Committee for Safe and Secure Elections


My School Votes/When We all Vote

Protect Democracy/VoteShield


Informing Democracy


America First Legal (AFL) DHS FOIA Documents 

Let me know if you would like to make a presentation about any topic that you have researched.

We’ll be discussing the Six Left-winginitiatives that we’reresearching.

1. The US Alliance for Election Excellence (USAEE)

2. The Committee For Safe and Secure Elections (CSSE)

3. The  Center for Internet Security (CIS)

4. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge (and partners)

5. The High School Registration/Lower The Voting Age Groups

6.The Center for Voter Information/The Voter Participation Center

Center for Voter Information/Voter Participation Center




Call To Action: We need to submit FOIA/Public Records Requests to every local Election Office and every state Election Department to get their communications with the Center for Voter Information/Voter Participation Center. 

The Center for Internet Security (CIS)

See Attached Manual 



Documents from Virginia.


Press release from ES&S and Albert Sensors


Link to list of CIS Locations.


Here’s a link to an interesting report about possible censorship using the CIS, EI-ISAC network.


These subpoenas, one for CISA, were issued this week.


The Center for Internet Security to develop a testing system for non-voting equipment.


CISA response to questions from Representative Cloud.

See attached document

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Jim Hoft and Jill Hines seeking information about the Government Censorship Program with Social Media in elections.


Call To Action: We need to submit FOIA/Public Records Requests to every local Election Office and every state Election Department to get their communications with the Center for Internet Security, particularly, their Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with CIS.”Alliance ” partners. 

The Committee For Safe and Secure Elections – 

See the report that I sent out on 2/22/23.

Here are links to CSSE (It doesn’t always work), Fusion Centers and the longer version of the “Staged” R Street video that was played at the conference.


Link to the Elections Assistance Commission Webinar – “Committee for Safe and Secure Elections” on March 2, 2023. 


Two articles about The Committee for Safe and Secure Elections and the Left’s false narrative about threats to Election Workers.



New articles about the Left-wing false narrative about threats to Election Workers.



CEIR (David Becker) Summit


Klobuchar/Durbin Threats to Election Officials Legislation


Call to Action: Meet with your local election official, or file a FOIA/Open Records Request, if necessary, to learn as much as you can about any communications with CSSE, Fusion Centers, and DHS. Every state has an association of election officials, and they all have an annual convention. Another call to action is to find out if CSSE and EAC made, or are making, a presentation at the annual convention in your state.

The US Alliance for Election Excellence –

“Push Back” against The “Alliance” in Brunswick County, NC

Boone County, MO – Link to article.

Contra Costa, CA – Link to article


Here are links to the Honest Election Project/John Locke Report about the top priority of our project, the “US Alliance For Election Excellence”. 

New link that works!



Here’s an excellent report about the “Alliance” from Real Clear Investigations.


Institute for Responsive Government 


 Article by Hayden Ludwig – Institute for Responsive Government


There are now 16 “Alliance Election Centers” (attached list) that we know about. 

The Alliance has a scheme with Membership Dues/Scholarships/Credits for Services to gain influence in Election Offices in every state, including states that have passed statutes to ban “Third Party Grants” (Zuck Bucs). 

Call To Action: We need to submit FOIA/Public Records Requests to every local Election Office and every state Election Department to get their communications with the “Alliance ” partners (See attached Sample FOIA).

I have attached the original outline for the Citizens Research Project that lists the “Partners” in the “US Alliance For Election Excellence” and the tools that we can use to document their infiltration into our Election Offices.

I have also attached a listing of Left-wing, Non-Profits (not complete, there are many more) and the election entities that they have infiltrated. Be on the lookout for them. 

Here are a couple of the new Left-wing, Non-Profits that we have been discussing.

US Digital Resources (Alliance Partner)? Replacing Konnech?


The New Majority (CCP Influence in Elections) Exposed by Trevor Loudon


The Institute for Democracy and Higher Education (Attached NSLVE Survey)


All In Campus Democracy Challenge (Civic Nation)


Left-wing Report about Biden’s Executive Order #14019


Generation Citizen – High School Infiltration/Lower The Voting Age



Other research targets –

Attached list of 20 Left-Wing, Non-Profits that we are tracking.

State Power Caucus (From remnants of ACORN)


The Election Center

Agenda from meeting in Pasadena, CA – Left-wing presenters


Election Official meetings spreading the Left-wing Agenda

UCLA Law –  

Best resources to use to find Form 990 for Left-wing, Non-profits, from Kristen Eastlick, Senior Vice President, Capital Research Center (Influence Watch).

IRS: https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/search-for-tax-exempt-organizations

ProPublica: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/

Guidestar (rebranding as Candid): https://www.guidestar.org/

Be sure to report all your findings on the Citizens Research Project Report Page. Go to whoscounting.us, Resource Tab, Citizens Research Project.

Ned Jones


Keeping track of the details is crucial, below you will find our latest posts to keep you informed. 

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